Loop Pro E commerce Aia Kit Package Kodular (A Grade Product)

1,999.00 Excluding Tax

Valid Till: 20 Dec 2022
Support: Kodular Fenix

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Today i gonna introduce you the upgrade version of loop app, That is LOOP pro. In this you get hole package of

① Main App

② Admin App

③ Partner App

④ Guide Docs

with the AIA . and it contain very interesting features that provided below. and you not get the features like app to anywhere on the ai2 platform This AIA is support on the kodular (I not have an idea about the others platform) so stay tuned and read hole blog you will like it.

① Main App

Features of the main app:

1) Professional Splash screen

2) Video Intro screen

3) Login and registration screen with that you can block the user account.

4) Professional dashboard and on that you can add the unlimited category’s and banner’s

5) On Dashboard if you start scrolling then you will see the button like Move To Top. and when you click on that then you will automatically scroll to the top of the screen.

6) Professional product displayed in the grid with that specific brand.

7) For cloths or shoes you can see the option like choose the size or colour of it.

8) User can review the product and they can submit the stars of that product.

9) They can add the product in the cart option

10) Mark product as favorite

11) They can see thier placed orders, with the tracking details of it. They will receive the notification of the product status like order is packed , shipped or delivered.

12) Users Profile

13) User can make the chat with admin ( They can make text message, they can post the image from the gallery or they can take picture of that product from thier mobile camera and then can show to the admin, and for frequent questions they will get the automatically message).

14) Maintenance Screen

15) User can make the call to your customer support from the app itself

16) They get the coordinates of your address, without searching on google maps.

17) User can leave the mail to you without opening the gmail.

18) Social media

19) Search with all the existing category’s

20) Assured Badge

21) Security Features

  • User cant bypass the app by activity starter

  • App will not work for rooted device and ADB system

  • Data encrypted

22) You can add unlimited category on home screen

23) You can add unlimited images in image slider

24) Storing the cache

25) Forget password

26) Otp verification while registration

Admin App:

Features in app:

1) Dashboard

2) Block or unblock users, when you change the status then user get notification about this

3) Total pending orders in 4 different stages

4) Add Product

5) Chat with user

6) Enable maintenance screen

7) Enable update popup

8) Push the notification from app itself

9) Verify partner details

10) If you reject or approved the user, then they will get notification of it.

11) Order delivery details

Partner App:

1) Professional splash screen

2) Registration and login screen

3) Once user enter then they will see thier account in pending, once admin approved thier details like he is minor or not like that details only then he will move further

4) He will see the nearest order

5) once he reached to the customer, then he need to scan the QR Code from the users app, after scanning the qr code automatically order will mark as delivered so admin not required to see, like he deliver or not


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