Muisco Pro+ Full Aia Kit

699.00 Excluding Tax

Supported: Kodular Fenix

Demo Apk

Main App Features:

  • Minimal Splash Screen
  • Intro screen with music playing in background
  • Professional Dashboard screen
  • Search Feature
  • Promotional Image Banner Slider
  • Category’s in musico Pro
  • You can find artist wise section
  • Enable or disable the lyrics view
  • Enable or disable the Cover view
  • Add music in your favourite list
  • check your favourite list
  • Run music in Loop
  • Run Music in shuffle.
  • In app update
  • Maintenance Screen

Admin App Features:

  • Update promotional banner image slider
  • Add music for artist and in any category
  • Turn on or off the maintenance screen
  • Turn on or off the update popup from the Admin app


  1. Nova Gamerz

    Nice but little expensive

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