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Supported: Niotron

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Hello, Guys.

Today I am here to launch Walli- The Wallpaper App.  This wallpaper app load wallpaper superfast and also set high quality wallpaper without scrolling it.

Main App Features:

1) Splash screen

2) Intro screen

3) Paid wallpapers

4) Free Wallpapers

5) My Purchased screen

6) Super Fast loading list

7) High quality wallpaper set

8) Not scrollable wallpaper set

9) Maintenance

10) Update popup

11) Push Notification

12) Category of free wallpapers

13) You can also hide Paid wallpaper system.

Admin App Features:

1) plod free wallpapers

2) Upload paid wallpapers

3) add different price, product id for paid wallpaper

4) simple and minimal design

5) Easy to understand design


Demo App: Click here

Attractive Features: HD Wallpaper Set System, Fast Loading Wallpaper List, Minimal Design & Much More… (Read the long description)

Will Get: Main App Aia + Admin APP Aia + Guide Videos + Customer Support

Database Used: Airtable Database


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