Scratch and Win App- Amazing scratch card without any paid extension in Niotron Builder

Hi, Guys today i gonna show you how to use scratch view inside the niotron builder and if you want this in kodular builder then you need to purchase one paid extension. if you don’t want to read the blog, then you can watch the Youtube Video. So without any do let’s start today’s blog.


So, you need some background images, and overlay image for this project. so I click on below button to get this assets folder. just download this assets folder by clicking on this button, after that import them inside your niotron builder.


This aia file is only will work for niotron, don’t import this aia on your kodular builder. because each builder have their own component name that’s why this aia wont be open on other builder than niotron. Download Aia file of this project from the below link.


  1. Drag the card view
    1. Cardpadding bottom, top, left, right- 0
    2. Elevation- 3
    3. Height- 200 px
    4. Width-200 px
    5. Radius- 10 px

  2. Then drag the vertical arrangement inside the crad view
    1. Hight- Fill Parent
    2. Width- Fill Parent

  3. then drag the scratch view inside this
    1. Hight- Fill Parent
    2. Width- Fill Parent

  4. then drag the lebel below to the card view show the result after the scratch.

  5. Drag one clock sensor.
    1. Time Always Fires – Unchecked
    2. Timer Enabled – Unchecked
    3. Time Interval- 3000

Now your design will look like this.


Now open your block section and make the block something like this:

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