Switch App Is Crashing & Not Working?

Switch is an e-commerce Aia product that officially developed by devendra koli along with J Curve software OPC Ltd. and the distribution right is only given to following website and app:
1) https://www.aiakodularnow.xyz/
2) Aia Store App By Pixel Editor
3) App Helaper App (@Pixel Editor)
4) Kodular Community (@Earn_Money_online)
5) https://sites.google.com/view/aia-storee/home

Reason of crashing & Not Working Of App:

1) Your app crashing is because of, you did'nt purchase this aia from our official distributor that mentioned above. if you purchase from other then this will be include as fraud happen with you , and in this case we will not do anything for you. we recommended you to not purchase the Aia for low cost from others.

2) You are using the pirated Aia , so thats why your app is crashing and will not work forever.


1) Purchase the aia from our official distributor, will recommend you to purchase from
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